Data Protection

DATA PROTECTION POLICY(v3 – October 2018)Andover Photographic Club collects and processes personal information from club members solely to run and manage the club. We do not sell or share your data with any marketing or commercial organisation. At no time are any members details passed to a third party, other than as indicated below.Any queries or requests regarding data held by the club should be directed to the club secretary.

Data collected and processed breaks down as follows:

Your membership information:

Data collected Name

Email address (if provided)

Phone number (if provided)

Joining date (overall and per season)

Subscription payment and attendance

Processing of data Used by the club committee to maintain club records including the membership list.

Contact details may be held about prospective members while they decide whether to join.

Sharing of data This data is never shared outside of the club.

Note that contact details for club officers will be made available to club members.

Opt-out This data is fundamental to the running of the club and you may not opt-out.
Data retention The membership lists are held for 7 years as part of the club financial records.

Competition entries:

Data collected Your name

Image title

Copy of the image

Competition entered

Score / result

Processing of data Used by the club to run competitions (internal and external) only.

Members may be asked to submit images to represent the club externally; this is optional, any member has the right to refuse this. Please make this clear at the time of submission, or to the relevant competition secretary at any time. External uses include: inter-club competitions, exhibitions, club website or other marketing (flyers, cards, prints etc).

See ‘Use of images’ section below.

Sharing of data The results of all competitions are published on the website; this includes the members’ name and result.

Where an image is used in an external competition or exhibition the only data shared is the members name, the image name and that they are a member of Andover Photographic Club.

No data is shared beyond this.

Opt-out The data collected is fundamental to the running of the competition and it is not possible to opt out for internal club use.

Any member may optionally not allow an image to be used to represent the club externally.

Data retention The competition results are held indefinitely as part of the club’s records.

This data is also needed to ensure entries meet club competition rules regarding resubmission of images.

Club mail list:

The club runs an open mail list which members may optionally subscribe to; subscription to this list is not mandatory. New members to the club will be sent an invitation to join if they provide their email address. All members of the list may unsubscribe at any time using the link on the bottom of any email from the list.

The email list is used for discussions between club members (general chat or bringing things to the notice of the membership). The committee also use it for general information and reminders.

Data collected Your name

Your email address

List preferences

Processing of data Used to forward on emails submitted by members to other members.

People not on the mail list cannot post to the list.

The mail list is managed and hosted on the clubs hosting account, hosted in USA.

Sharing of data By emailing the list your email will be forwarded to all list members. Anything in your email (email address, email headers, message contents) will be available to those receiving the email.

The club does not share any data from the club mail list to any 3rd parties.

Opt-out This is an optional service for club members. Users may subscribe or unsubscribe at any time.
Data retention No historical data is retained.

In addition to the main club mailing list there is a committee mailing list. All committee members will be added to this list for the duration of their committee membership. The same policies as above apply, with the exception of the opt-out.

Data from external competitions:

In order to support inter-club competitions the club is provided with details from other organisations (photography clubs and other local bodies).

We respect the privacy of members of other clubs and manage their data carefully.

Data provided to Andover Photographic Club is only used for the purpose intended – namely the running of competitions.

Data will not be shared beyond the club other than that required to run competitions. Scores (and associated photographs/member names) will be provided to the other clubs in the competition and any supervising organisation (eg, SCPF).

Data will be retained only to maintain the club’s records of competitions.

Use of images:

Beyond competitions, images from club members may be used externally to promote the club. Copyright of all images submitted remains with the member.

Images will not be used commercially. The Club will endeavor to credit image(s) where possible, but the member accepts that this may not always be possible.

Where a member subsequently removes permission to use an image all reasonable efforts will be made to comply. Images that have been used to represent the club cannot be withdrawn from a currently running external competition series or exhibition. Images that have been used in printed material will only be replaced when such material is re-ordered.

Facebook page:

The club runs a Facebook group ‘Andover Photographic Club [APC]’. Access to this group is not restricted to club members, and there is no requirement for any member to join the Facebook group.

While the club committee administers the group, all data and information is subject to Facebook data polices.

For more information

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